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Engineered shipping platforms made to transport, protect and secure the most advanced and important products in the world.

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LARC's CRATE™ was designed specifically to help companies achieve their environmental goals. By aggressively pursuing the core ideas of Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle, our products have a dramatic positive environmental impact. Just one use of our three-tier CRATE™ to move a server cabinet will save an average of two timber trees, 3 gallons of fuel and will significantly reduce the release of CO2 and the need for using toxic chemical or energy-intensive heat treatments on lumber used for building wood and fiber packages. Additionally, our products are made to be 100% recyclable at end-of-life.

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Our Partners

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“The CRATE solution from LARC, ended up being the solution for our high-value commodity products, that needed extra protection and traceability. They not only offer a great product, but an excellent logistics consulting overall. We have enjoyed working with LARC and appreciate the innovation and flexibility they bring when solving problems.”

Evila Melgoza, MSc

Lifecycle Management Supply Chain Leader

Schneider Electric

“We have now used the CRATE on multiple runs across the country and the results did not disappoint. Our people even tested the shock absorber base with finished material inside the CRATE and it held up like a champ."

Terry Whalen

Shipping & Logistics Manager

The Carlisle & Finch Company

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"Movement for Good", an initiative of the Logistics Advanced Research Center (LARC), is dedicated to helping prevent human trafficking and exploitation. Our goal is to inspire a consortium of logistics, transportation, and supply chain companies to provide resources to organizations working to eradicate this worldwide epidemic. To start the momentum for change within our industry, LARC has committed that a portion of the proceeds from every product we sell will be donated to the International Justice Mission, whose goal is to end slavery in our lifetimes and bless those affected by human trafficking by empowering them with hope for the future. Join us as we endeavor to end this evil.

Imagine what we can do together!

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